BMW showed the motorcycle of the future on which you won't need a helmet

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BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100
As part of the celebration of one hundred years of the company, BMW also revealed its two-wheeler – a festival of advanced technologies that will come in fifty years
After the BMW car, Rolls-Royce and Mini, BMW Motorrad presented its vehicle for the future: the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100.
You don't need a helmet or protective equipment for it, except for a special textile suit with sensors, the frame and suspension are one, and the drive is ecological, that is, it does not emit carbon dioxide. Of course, this is only a concept, although they have made a kind of prototype at BMW. They say they want to leave the driver with an analog experience in the digital world.
This can be seen from the cylinders of the boxer engine, which have been left as a design element, i.e. an homage to BMW motorcycles with a conventional engine. By today's standards, the motorcycle would be extremely ‘naked’, but the Bavarians claim that the clever layout of the surfaces is such that classic armor is not needed at all.
For example, when the steering wheel is turned, the entire frame adjusts and, depending on the speed, protects the driver from the wind. The same goes for boxer engine cylinders, which are retracted when the motorcycle is stationary, and then expand/extend when riding. In addition to the frame, cushioning is provided by tires that have an adjustable surface, and everything works together in harmony with a multitude of sensors.tportal

So good, claim BMW, that a helmet is not needed on this motorcycle, and the machine will also ‘think’ for the driver and will not allow him to get into an awkward situation and fall. All information is available on the display instead of the instruments and on the goggles, an integral part of the motorcycle's equipment, just like the suit.

It monitors the driver's body temperature and heart rate and cools or warms depending on that. No more sweating on summer days or freezing in autumn or spring, says BMW. In short, the future is bright for motorcyclists if BMW's concept is anything to go by.

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