Get tested: Would you pass a U.S. Army test?

3D render of a silhouette of a soldier saluting against a sunset sky

Since the mid-80s, American soldiers have been undergoing tests of their physical fitness through tests called the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).

This test consists of:

running 3.2 km in a minimum time,
maximum number of push-ups performed in 2 minutes, and
the maximum number of abs performed in 2 minutes.
But the modern army has greater demands and U.S. soldiers have been subjected to new types of testing since 2020, called the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).

ACFT aims to measure strength, absolute strength and anaerobic abilities. Also, the new tests have the same standards for men and women.

New test
ACFT has 6 tasks. The maximum number of points on each task is 100, and the minimum to pass the test is 60 per task.

Deadlift trap bar, maximum weight at three repetitions (3RM)

The trainer has two attempts to establish RM 3. This test measures absolute power.

For 100 points: 150 kg x 3
For 70 points: 80 kg x 3

2.Throwing medicine behind your head

The exerciser's task is to throw the medicine weighing 4.5 kilograms as far as possible, throwing over and behind the head. This test measures the ability to generate force and speed, which requires explosiveness and strength.

For 100 points: 13.5 m
For 70 points: 8.5 m

  1. Push-ups with raising hands from the ground, maximum number of repetitions in 120 seconds

If a person has a high level of strength, this will be a test of muscular endurance. In weak individuals, this is a test of strength.

For 100 points: 70 push-ups
For 70 points: 30 push-ups

  1. Sprinting, pulling and carrying

The task is to make a sprint 25 meters in the shortest possible time, tow 40 kilograms of heavy sleigh (sled) 25 meters, run 50 meters laterly and carry 2 kettlebella weighing every 18 kilograms – 25 meters.

This task requires anaerobic fitness in order to be able to meet the set norm.

For 100 points: 1:40 minutes
For 70 points: 2:09 minutes

  1. Lifting your legs from a visa

A person from the vis from the pull-up bar must maximize his legs and touch his elbows with his knees.

For 100 points: 20 reps
For 70 points: 5 repetitions

  1. Running 3.2 km in a minimum time

a 100 points: 12:45 minutes
For 70 points: 18:00 minutes
Test yourself in the 6 tasks listed and let us know if you have passed the test.

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