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How to quit smoking in 7 steps?

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The beginning of the year is the time of beginnings, getting rid of all “December” burdens such as extra pounds, less physical activity, consumption of unhealthy food and thus toxins, but also some other habits that you wanted to get rid of for a long time, but you weren't sure when and how .

One of such extremely harmful habits is smoking. With each inhale of cigarette smoke, you ingest over 4,000 different chemical compounds that are produced by combustion, thereby destroying the cells of your body.

All these toxic compounds destroy antioxidants in the body, which cannot protect immunity, and thus chronic infectious and bacterial infections initially impair health. In the later stages, long-term consumption of tobacco smoke leads to cancerous changes in the cells, but also to the formation of deposits on the blood vessels that prevent the passage of blood to the brain and the formation of blood clots that completely block the blood vessels, resulting in myocardial infarction.

It is a scientifically proven fact that even if you have stopped smoking, you have a higher chance of getting these diseases than non-smokers, but also a higher chance of not getting them than people who don't stop smoking.

In seven steps, we bring you some life-saving solutions from the experience of ex-smokers, which can help you quit smoking more easily and thus save your life!
7 essential steps
Make a decision!
One of the most difficult decisions for smokers is to quit smoking. Nowadays, unfortunately, people decide to quit smoking more because of their financial situation than because of their health. You can imagine yourself as a non-smoker; a person who engages in physical activities instead of smoking.
Acquire a series of new habits that you will practice during the day that will replace your cigarette. Introduce a running routine in the evening or in the morning, before going to work; while your colleagues waste part of their working time on cigarettes, you spend the same time stretching. The important thing is to start!
The goal
Set yourself short-term goals. Try quitting for a month. Do not think that you will never smoke again, if you are a passionate smoker and you really like cigarettes. Short-term goals help you stay focused on what you're trying to achieve, and once you reach that goal, set yourself a new one.
After a few months of not smoking, you'll be sorry to end a good streak, you'll be proud of yourself, and you'll want to keep going!orasastiJump traps
Cigarettes while driving or standing in traffic are some of the hardest to avoid. Get yourself some nuts that you will always have with you for critical situations. Opt for pistachios, hazelnuts and chestnuts because they are the least caloric and when you are in a crisis – snack! Ritual cigarettes are most often the reason why smokers smoke and it is particularly difficult to get rid of them.
Instead of a smoking ritual, find a new one. After lunch take a walk, in the morning after breakfast read or sleep 20 minutes longer, take a shower and rush to work for a simple reason – lack of time to smoke.
If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, and the cigarette burns for an average of seven minutes, you have an extra 2 hours and 20 minutes. Organize your daily schedule so that you lose that extra time. Enter a new hobby, a new physical activity. It is important that it is a new activity, in order to replace an old habit with a new one.
Psychic effect
It's not easy to get rid of one of the biggest and most accessible addictions – don't be too hard on yourself and expect to feel great, at least not at first. If you don't increase your physical activities, you won't have a place to release negative emotions, that's why exercise is great.
Allow yourself all the feelings you have, understand that you are working on something important for your future. Ease your nervousness with calming teas, nicotine patches, yoga, a cup of warm milk or a glass of red wine before bed. It is also important to reward yourself.
You can save the money you would spend on cigarettes every day in a piggy bank and buy something at the end of the month with the amount you have saved. When you see how much valuable things can be bought instead of going up in smoke, it will be easier to stay focused.pusenjeCafes
Avoid going to cafes, at least for the first time after quitting smoking. We are referring to cafes designed for smokers. It is not for nothing that they say – “opportunity makes a thief” – in the company of smokers and in places with an established pattern of behavior, it will be difficult for you to get rid of smoking. In addition, too much free time will make you more likely to be tempted to light up a cigarette again.
Way of life
It will help you a lot if you change your lifestyle – as we have already written, spring is an excellent time for a new beginning. Start eating healthier, learn new recipes with organic ingredients, spend more time in nature and meditating.
Choose a physical activity that is available to you – close to your workplace or place of residence, so that a long journey and too much time spent does not demotivate you, and that you like, but you have never had the opportunity to do it. Occupying yourself with something new and interesting will make it easier for you to shift your focus away from cigarettes.

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