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who is often forgotten, one of the best ways to solve some health problems is breathing techniques. When we are born, we breathe properly. Belly, deep; all our organs are properly supplied with oxygen, we have more energy, so it is not surprising that children have the strength to play, study and run all day.

Abdominal breathing is often neglected during life under the influence of stress and lifestyle, which is why we feel the consequences in different circumstances.

Anti-anxiety breathing
It is stress and nervousness that increase tension and anxiety, which in turn affect the way we breathe. Breathing quickens; the breath becomes shorter and shallower, and “lung” breathing, instead of abdominal breathing, increases the level of anxiety. In order to calm the central nervous system, which secretes adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormone, we must redirect our breathing to the abdomen, in order to stimulate the vagus, the center of the parasympathetic nervous system, and calm down.
In situations where we are anxious, we should take about 7 deep, slow breaths per minute. Breathe in through your nose, watch your abdomen rise and fill with oxygen, and slowly exhale through your mouth. You will have to practice belly breathing for a while, and when you master it, you won't have to think about it anymore, you will breathe in and out spontaneously, relaxed.By breathing against heart problems
Excessive exposure to stress, for a long time, has been proven to affect high blood pressure, which increases over time and the number of heartbeats per minute, which directly affects the appearance of problems with the heart and blood vessels.
We can't control the situation where we lose our jobs, we don't get paid, we can't control the traffic jams where we waste too much time of our lives, but we can breathe so that none of this affects us.
Sit cross-legged (like an Indian) and close your eyes. Close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and inhale deeply through the left for six seconds. Close the left nostril with the fourth finger of the right hand and open the right nostril and slowly exhale through it for six seconds.
While your left nostril is blocked, inhale through the right nostril for six seconds, then close the right nostril and, opening the left, exhale through it for six seconds. Perform this entire breathing process for two minutes. Practice every day several times to practice this yoga breathing technique.disanjeHelp with respiratory allergies
You can also get help with various seasonal respiratory allergies with proper breathing. The buzzing hum opens the sphincters, which connect the sinuses to the nasal cavities, making breathing easier. Get comfortable, take a deep breath through your nose, and exhale releasing a humming bee-like sound, similar to a steady hum.
You should feel the vibration inside your nose, chest and head. The duration of this breathing exercise should be ten minutes.disanjeHelp with overweight
Emotional stress is the most common cause of weight gain; when we are under stress, we more often make decisions that we would not otherwise make, and in addition, we more easily reach for fast, unhealthy, high-calorie food. In addition, when we are relaxed and satisfied, it is easier to keep our behavior and decisions under control, thereby directly influencing the choice of diet.
Moderate, slow breathing greatly affects dealing with stress. Experts advise inhaling through your nose for four seconds and then exhaling for eight seconds through your mouth as if drinking through a straw.
Also recommended is the Hindu method of ujjayi – inhale through the nose for six seconds, then exhale through the mouth for six seconds, (similar to blowing into a mirror to fog it up) making a “hhhhhh” sound. After the next breath, try repeating the sound with your mouth closed.
If you are persistent, proper breathing will certainly help you, and by taking part of the day for yourself and practicing breathing for a kind of meditation, we have no doubt that you will succeed in reducing the accumulated stress.

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