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Japan is traditionally considered a leader in the production of motorcycles. Stories from the land of the rising sun have enjoyed constant popularity around the world over the years. They are in demand due to high reliability, excellent technical characteristics and reasonable costs. Some of the most famous brands of Japanese motorcycles are Kawasaki and Yamaha.
Kawasaki motorcycles
The Kawasaki company has existed since 1896. However, the first motorcycle with that name was born only in 1961. In our country, the opening of the first official dealership took place in 2006. Today, the concern produces a wide range of bicycles: for races, trips around the city and uneven terrain, long trips, etc. , Their characteristic features, regardless of the model, are quality and style..kind
All Kawasaki motorcycles can be divided into several types:Supersport. The stories stand out because of their attractive design and bright colors. The minimum cost of new equipment is about 600 thousand rubles. Suitable for racing or commuting on suburban highways.
journey. Suitable for urban conditions and small off-road roads. It is considered a universal option.
Sports tourism. Designed for long journeys. Features – the presence of wardrobes and a volumetric fuel tank.
Cruisers and helicopters. They are characterized by a low “voice” of the engine, a direct landing of the driver and an elegant design.
crossover. Designed for tough off-road conditions.
classic. Suitable for those who respect eternal values..
“Necked”. Easily recognizable due to the large number of chrome elements.
Every rider can find the right product for himself in the Kawasaki line. Currently, the company produces 7 models, presented in 36 versions. The price of the cheapest bike (cross-type model with a small engine volume) is about 208 thousand rubles. The most expensive is the super sports Ninja H2R, which costs almost 4.5 million rubles.
Kawasaki ninja – a line of fast sports bikes in different configurations.
Z250 / 300/900/1000 – road motorcycles. This also includes Ninja 300/250 models with 0.6 liter engines.
The ZZR1400, Z1000SX and 1400GTR ABS are touring bikes. They are very suitable for long trips.
Vulcan S ABS and Vn voyager refer to helicopters and cruisers.Vulcan S ABS
Technical specifications
Kawasaki product specifications vary greatly depending on the type of motorcycle. For example, the most powerful engines with a volume of from 1.0 to 2 liters equipped with cruisers and sports bikes. Relatively weak engines are installed on crossovers. The ZXR 400 model, which is considered a miniature copy of a sports motorcycle, is equipped with a 0.4-liter engine. This modification is very popular with beginners due to the fact that it shows excellent traction at high speeds.
The KLE model is designed for long journeys at speeds of 130 km/h. Power, handling and steering speed allow these bikes to feel confident on the track. The design of this cruiser allows the driver not to feel tired from a long drive. But the best-selling motorcycle in the entire Kawasaki lineup is the ZZR400. He holds the leadership for several years. Its versatility and dynamics allow it to be used both on city streets and suburban highways.ZZR1400
Each Kawasaki model has its own advantages that every true cyclist will appreciate.
Yamaha motorcycles
The company started producing motorcycles in 1955. Yamaha brand equipment is perfect for both beginner riders and experienced cyclists. Each example from a wide range of products is characterized by high quality, reliability, stylish design and outstanding technical characteristics. The company produces motorcycles of various categories:
the crusaders.
Enduro.Yamaha Drag Star
The design of Yamaha bicycles is simple, but at the same time thought out to the smallest detail. It provides the driver with maximum comfort both in extreme off-road conditions and on long journeys. A well-designed braking system contributes to driving safety. Motorcycles are assembled using the most relevant technological achievements. Designers are constantly working to improve the design and specifications. Yamaha technology is not afraid of heavy loads and is durable, while it is quite easy to maintain.
The company supplies the market with several dozen models. Among the classics, one can distinguish the SR125 with a single-cylinder engine that is perfect for beginner motorcyclists, the SR500, which has not left the production line for more than two decades, and the XJ600S Diversion, which is one of the leaders in sales in Europe. The most powerful of Yamaha's road classics is a bike. XJR1300 with a 4-cylinder engine called the gladiator of the road.XJR1300
American style
This category is characterized by the use of deformed engines optimized for operation at low and medium revolutions. Here you can recall models like the XV125 Virago, whose saddle height is less than 70 cm, and the V-Max with a 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine, breaking all ideas of casual American style.XV125 Virago
Yamaha also offers a wide range of so-called “agricultural” motorcycles, which are equipped with a 1-cylinder small displacement engine, sports bikes for beginners and professional athletes, “kids” motorcycles with 2.7 horsepower engines with a displacement of 49 “cubes” and competitive motorcycles for rehearsal.
Common features
Both companies fully justify the existing positive reputation of Japanese manufacturers. This technique is loved for its attractive design, reliability and durability. It is immune to stress, has outstanding technical characteristics, and is easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. A developed network of representatives makes it possible not to worry about finding parts and consumables. A wide range of products allows you to choose a motorcycle for any purpose.
Yamaha bikes are available in a wider range than Kawasaki. For example, not every manufacturer can boast of serial production of modifications for young athletes. As far as “general purpose” bikes go, Yamaha is ahead here.
Standard bicycles equipped with engines from 124 to 1854 cm³, and the power can reach 200 h.p.. The minimum cost of a new “adult” Yamaha motorcycle is approximately 120 thousand rubles. (model PW50), which is almost two times less than that of competitors. The most expensive sports bike (YZF-R1M) costs about 2 million rubles.What to choose
Yamaha's wider offer makes it possible to buy equipment from this brand, even for motorcyclists with a limited budget. Of course, no Yamaha product can match the characteristics of the KAWASAKI Ninja H2R, but the qualities of this monster are much more needed on the race track than in everyday life. Therefore, due to the abundance of modifications and more favorable prices, Yamaha is objectively more likely to find a buyer.

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