Text neck syndrome – the disease of excessive use of mobile phones!

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Do you know a single person who doesn't have a cell phone? Mobile phones have become part of everyday life in the last decade, and we spend more and more time in front of screens. However, along with a number of positive facts that we have received in our lives with mobile devices, there have also been some bad ones.

Long-term and several hours of use of mobile phones in bad and irregular positions of the body, especially the cervical spine, can lead to painful conditions and the development of the so-called text neck syndrome, which is associated with excessive head flexion due to the use of mobile devices.

How does text neck syndrome occur?
Text neck syndrome is caused by excessive and long-term flexion of the neck and keeping the body in a hunched position, which most often happens when using a mobile phone, hence its name.
The use of cell phones and other electronic devices of a similar type (tablets, etc.) lead to flexion of the neck and head, which directly affects the posture and position of the spine.Flexion of the head and neck in the amount of 15 degrees creates a force of 12 kilograms, a bend of 30 degrees is like 18 kilograms, 45 degrees is like 24 kilograms, and a 70 degree bend of the head creates a load on the neck of 28 kilograms, which speaks volumes about the strength of the load .
And now imagine that you are creating that load on your neck for even 4-5 hours a day, as much as some (especially younger generations) create on their neck every day.
Along with neck pain and headaches, this type of overexertion is also associated with shoulder pain, upper back pain, and increased thoracic kyphosis. In addition to pain, excessive use of mobile phones also leads to weakening of the muscles of the surrounding areas: from the neck to the shoulder muscles, trapezius, rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles.vrat

What do experts recommend?
Experts recommend keeping the neck flexion angle at 0-15 degrees while using smartphones because this angle is not related to cervical spine extensor muscle fatigue.

Also, as stated by Štorga, a sitting position should be taken while using mobile devices because it causes the least strain on the upper part of the trapezius muscle. The author cites recommendations that people prefer to walk rather than sit while using a cell phone, because walking can be effective in stimulating healthier muscle patterns, with a lower level of discomfort compared to sitting.

It is recommended to rest the forearms, use both thumbs, avoid sitting with the head bent and avoid typing at high speed in order to prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Text neck syndrome therapy
When talking about the exercises that are prescribed as therapy in the treatment of text neck syndrome, emphasis is placed on exercises to correct body posture and those to strengthen the neck muscles. Also, manual therapy in the form of massage is recommended, which will promote the relaxation of muscles that are in spasm.

How to prevent text neck syndrome?
Prevention is, as always, the most important step in preventing the further development of pain and injuries. When we talk about the regular use of mobile phones and the prevention of improper posture and the development of painful conditions, the following tips should be followed:
Avoid excessive and long-term use of mobile phones, and in case of prolonged use, take regular breaks
Avoid being in the same position for a long time, especially in an incorrect position that creates some pressure on the spine or joints
When using mobile phones and other devices, hold them so that you keep your neck and head in as natural a position as possible during use.
Avoid repetitive movements over a long period of time, such as prolonged typing
Avoid holding heavy devices in your hands in an incorrect body position for a long time, especially for several hours.
As soon as you feel pain in the neck, head, shoulders, leave the device and change the position of the body, also do exercises to strengthen the neck muscles and prevent pain, which will only take a few minutes of your time a day, but significantly reduce the risk of complications and the development of painful conditions.
If you are able, go for a massage regularly. This is especially recommended for people who work in sedentary jobs at a computer and who spend a large number of hours a day in the same position in front of a device.
In case of chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pain and regular headaches, visit a doctor and consult about additional types of therapy aimed at improving the condition and reducing pain.vrat

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