Whole body training for high calorie consumption

For today, I have prepared a full body workout that will activate almost all muscle groups in your body and encourage high calorie consumption.

Also, it works with an extra load (Body Bar weighing 6 pounds) so training is definitely challenging, and that’s exactly what you need when summer is just around the corner.

Training is a cellular type of training, which means that all series and repetitions from one exercise are completed first, and only then is it transferred to another, and so on.

List of training exercises:

1.Rear squat 4 x 10
2.Thrust 3 x 12
3.Pulsating stride 3 x 15/15
4.Floor press 4 x 10
5.Sit up 3 x 12

Read below for an explanation of each training exercise:

  1. Rear squat
    The Body Bar is located on the trapezius and the back of the shoulders, the posture is slightly wider than the width of the hips, the fingers are slightly directed outwards. The hips are lowered back and down and the spine maintains a neutral position at all times. Observe the collapse of the knee inwards (medially).

  1. Thrust
    The exercise is performed in a standing position, and the Body Bar is in front of the shoulder in the arm (arms bent). Push the bar above the head without disturbing the neutral spine and excessive lumbar lordosis (squeeze the muscles of the front of the torso strongly).
  1. Pulsating stride
    In the step position (one leg forward, the other back and slightly moved outwards – for better stability) with the Body Bar on the shoulders, pulsating repetitions are done. Do not rise to the upper position but stay low and do 2/3 of the full movement that would otherwise be done in stride. First do all the reps on one leg, then on the other leg.

4. Floor press

In a supine position with legs bent at 90 degrees and on the floor, the Body Bar is within reach in front of the chest (arms bent). The elbows touch under each repetition, but the weight is not transferred to the floor (barely touched) and the bar is pushed above the chest.

5. Sit up

From the supine position with the Body Bar in front of the shoulder (arms outstretched), the torso is lifted upwards to the sitting position, and the arms go with the bar into the caress (upper thrust position). When lowering and raising, it is important that the entire spine touches the floor.

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